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Accurate, flexible and efficient multiphysics finite element modelling in two or three spacial dimensions.

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Multiphysics power systems characteristics, optimization and visualization.

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Transformers and reactors, single or multi-phase, iron or air-cored.

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Automotive, aerospace, power generation, shipping, industry, specialist, research and more.

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A global company with customers in over 50 countries.

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On demand webinar series covering transformer & reactor design and multiphysics modelling.

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Attend our customized training events or visit us at conferences, trade shows and exhibitions.

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The latest press releases from Cobham Technical Services.

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Transformer and reactor design software

Opera - Software for Electromagnetic Design

  1. At the forefront of electromagnetic design since 1985
  2. An integrated software suite for the design, simulation, analysis and optimization of your electromagnetic device
  3. Accurate, flexible and efficient design software
multiphysics modelling for motors, generators and actuators

Rapid model creation

  1. Dialog-driven data-entry in 3 spatial dimensions
  2. Analyze and optimize your power systems device design before building a physical prototype
  3. Multiphysics modelling
  4. Reduce time to market and save on production costs
multiphysics modelling for motors, generators and actuators

Simplify designing a wide variety of transformer & reactor configurations



  1. Single-phase 2 leg core
  2. Single-phase 3 leg core
  3. Three-phase 3 legged core
  4. Three-phase 5 legged core
  5. Bespoke



  1. Single-phase air cored
  2. Single-phase 2 leg core
  3. Single-phase 3 leg core
  4. Three-phase air cored horizontal
  5. Three-phase air cored vertical
  6. Three-phase 3 legged core
  7. Three-phase 5 legged core
  8. Bespoke

We serve your industry

  1. Industrial
  2. Power Generation
  3. Consumer Devices
  4. Naval & Shipping
  5. Medical
  6. Research & Academia
  1. Power Systems
  2. Railway Technology
  3. High Energy
  4. Automotive
  5. Aerospace

We're closer than you might think

  1. UK & Europe
  2. Americas
  3. Asia
  4. Australasia
  5. Rest of world

IOP Webinar: Advanced modelling of magnetic materials

  1. Introduction to Cobham Technical Services and the Vector Fields Software division
  2. Summary of requirements for device-level modelling of magnetic materials
  3. Overview of Opera's capabilities
  4. Illustration of techniques using examples taken from a variety of industries
Advanced modelling of magnetic materials using Opera FEA software

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